What is the BB Glow Treatment?

The skin BB glow treatment includes injecting a BB serum into your skin with microneedling technology. It improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. It also speeds up the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin healthier and brighter, and reduces the impact of ageing skin cells.

The results look as though you've woken up with a perfectly blended face of BB cream. It's going to even out the skin tone, eliminate hyperpigmentation, and hide minor defects and flaws in the skin. It's especially phenomenal for people with red skin, to eliminate rosacea, redness, and broken capillaries.  Your skin care specialist will select a BB cream shade that works for your skin tone.

And unlike regular makeup, it won't wash off with a workout or in the shower. It's not going to clump like makeup or dissolve in a few hours or get dry because you have dry skin that day, it just looks like your face.


What is Microneedling?

​Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) gently stimulates the skin’s natural healing process by creating micro-channels with very fine needles that close up within an hour. This reduces the healing time, risk of infection and makes it safe to use on all skin colors with minimal complications. Microneedling safely encourages collagen production, keeps the skin healthy and actually makes it thicker.

Skin needling also increases penetration of serums, diluted foundations (BB cream) and other active ingredients to support the skin’s normal cell functions. Microneedling can optimize the absorption and effectiveness of anti-aging products by up to 3000%!


  • Dramatically increases the effectiveness and penetration

  • of active ingredients in topical preparation.

  • Stimulates circulation and collagen production.

  • Non-allergenic to human tissue due to sterile medical

  • grade needles.

  • All areas of the body can be treated including scalp, face,

  • and even the fragile skin around eyes, hands and neck.

  • Safe on all skin types, including ethnic skin.

  • Short healing time with minimal risk of complications.

  • Cost-effective compared to other resurfacing procedures.

  • Improved skin texture.

  • Reduced wrinkle appearance.

  • Increased skin plumpness.

  • Diminished the visibility of all types of scars, especially acne.

  • Diminished pore size.

  • Improved appearance of stretch marks.

  • Increased hair follicle production.



Some patients may require multiple treatments spaced 4 weeks apart to achieve best results. According to a study conducted on 2008, skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing treatment.

Unfortunately, our body stops producing collagen in our mid to late 20s, and by the time we are 35, half the collagen levels in our skin will be lost.  After age 30 our collagen level drops 1% - 2% every year. Microneedling helps reduce this aging effect by stimulating collagen production through controlled injury of the skin.  The skin’s self-repair response is turned on by the thousands of ‘micro-channels’ created in the skin that triggers new collagen production and allows for better transdermal delivery of the products applied.  This will increase effectiveness of the procedure and heal the skin further.

What to Expect After A Microneedling Treatment?

Most clients will experience redness and mild swelling, similar to bad sunburn. Some may have small areas of pinpoint bleeding and even some bruising. These effects can last 24-48 hours.

The redness usually begins to subside after a few hours and can be covered with make-up 12 hours after treatment. Minor peeling and flakiness can occur after a few days and it is recommended to apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen. It is important to let the area heal on its own and for patients not to pick on loose skin. Within a week or two, the skin is smoother and more radiant looking.  As the body produces collagen the full effects on the procedure will be seen a few months later.

Which service is right for me?


Both nano-needling & micro-needling address the same skincare concerns and they both use a needling pen to create micro-channels in the skin. The main difference between the two is the depth that the needles are able to penetrate into the skin. Nano-needling only punctures the first layer of the skin (epidermis) while micro-needling penetrates into the deep dermis. If you are concerned about fine lines & wrinkles, swelling, dark pigmentation or sagging skin, then nano-needling is for you. If your skin care concerns include deep wrinkles, hypo-pigmentation, stretch marks or deep acne scars, then micro-needling would be the treatment for that. By creating these micro-channels in the skin, it increases product absorption by 97% and encourages your body to rejuvenate itself.

    Per Treatment                                    . . . $249

    Additional Treatments                      . . . $199