Effortlessly Beautiful brows

The way your brows look has a big impact on how you feel about your appearance every day. With any semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, you can start your morning off right knowing they look fantastic without needing to do anything to them. We work with you to get the perfect shape, color and design. If you are uncertain about which type of treatment will work best for your look and skin type, schedule a free consultation and we will figure it out together.


Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows with a handheld microblade. It’s perfect for people who have overplucked in the past, have thinning brows, or those who want to define, darken or reshape their eyebrows.

Microblading originated in Asia over 25 years ago and has gone by many names: eyebrow embroidery, feather touch, 3D brows, microstroking and bespoke brows. In recent years, microblading has become popular in the United States and is now taking over right here in Cincinnati!

The microblading procedure typically takes two appointments to achieve desired results. At the initial appointment, the eyebrows are drawn on with a waterproof pencil according to the bone structure of the brow so the artist and client can agree on the shape. The artist then manually microblades the eyebrows after the client receives topical numbing applied to the brows. 

There is some mild peeling during the healing process, but your new brows should be completely healed in 30 days.

The second “perfecting session” is a touch up within 6-8 weeks of the first session. This allows enough time for your brows to heal and the color to settle into your skin. At this time, any spots that need correction can be adjusted.

$525 • 2 Hours

Microblading plus Shading

The microblading plus shading technique is a combination of both manual hair strokes and shading into one blended outcome. 

First microblading is done, then another blade is used to provide a soft “powder” of color to fill the brow. This makes the brow look fuller and slightly more pigmented, creating a “makeup” appearance.

$600 • 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre is permanent powdered brow technique for clients who prefer a fuller, “make-up” result rather than hairstrokes. It’s a technique that looks like daily makeup done with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow. 

This procedure is performed using a permanent makeup machine and pigment is implanted into the basal layer of the skin. The tails of the brow are darker and fade into a light beginning to the brow, giving a perfect Ombre makeup affect. The effects will be waterproof, smudge-proof and completely natural. Ideal for clients with oily skin.

$650 • 2 Hours 30 Minutes


At Omega Beauty, we’re always here for you. Want to make subtle changes to the color or shape of your brows? Or maybe you just want something totally new?

Our microblading and powder brow touch-ups make it easy to evolve your style over time with professional guidance from your amazing aesthetician at Omega.

Touch-Up Before 6 Months:  $150 • 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Touch-Up 6 Months:  $200 • 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Touch-Up 12 Months:  $300 • 2 Hours

Shading Add-On:  $75 + Touch-Up

Old PMU Cover-Up:  $75 + Touch-Up

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is like a perm for your eyebrows. If your natural brows are wild and curly, lamination can give them the slicked-up look with a high shine finish. This is simple solution for unruly and thinning brows which is a less permanent alternative to microblading. 

Lifting cream is used to reshape your brows to a desired texture which lasts 4 to 6 weeks and up to 8 weeks with proper care. Tint can also e added during service to achieve beautiful lasting color as well.

Brow Lamination: $75 • 30 Minutes

Brow Lamination + Tint: $90 • 50 Minutes

Before You Book - Is This Service Right for You?

Every face is beautifully different. Some are ideal candidates for permanent makeup and others might need a discussion beforehand to ensure you get the results you want. Before you book your appointment, please take a moment to check this list of “contraindications” such as preexisting skin conditions that could affect your level of success with permanent makeup.