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Cupping massage is an ancient Chinese technique used to treat to a wide range of health problems in a completely natural way. Cupping is reduces inflammation, tension and tightness by helping the body reabsorb fluid and move swelling out of the affected area.

Cupping Massage

Cupping massage combines three massages into one session.

First we begin with a dynamic cupping massage. In this  massage a silicone cup is used to draw a light suction and glide across muscle groups, typically in the back. This massage relaxes your muscles, relieves stress, improves your flexibility, stimulates your lymphatic system, improves your circulation and releases endorphins.

Next we do a relaxing spa massage to continue releasing stress, further relaxing the muscles and releasing more endorphins.

Once fully relaxed, we transition to static cupping therapy. Back and neck muscles are covered with rigid cups and a moderate suction is drawn and sustained for several minutes or longer. This allowed the body time to release toxins, get the fluid moving and dispersed to reduce inflammation, break up lactic acid buildup (critical for athletes), and enables the flow of qi.

Not sure how long to book? Most clients experience great results in 60 minutes. If you have a substantial amount of stiffness or inflammation to work out, you may prefer the longer 90 minute session in order to maximize results.

$90 • 60 Minutes
$120 • 90 Minutes


In the cupping massage target area program, sessions are planned in a series or ongoing treatment to achieve and maintain specific results.

Distance runners can work out leg and foot pain. Athletes in HIIT programs such as P90X and Crossfit who frequently push the limits of different muscle groups can reduce injuries and downtime reducing tension in overworked areas. Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps made the telltale cupping marks famous because he relied on ongoing cupping treatment to maintain peak performance.

Target area cupping is only available after an initial standard cupping session (60 or 90 minutes) so our experienced athletic trainer can help you develop a maintenance plan of target areas and frequency to achieve the best results for your needs.

We recommend scheduling these at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance to ensure you are able to get on the calendar at your desired frequency.

$60 • 30 Minutes

Before You Book - Is This Service Right for You?

Most people can enjoy the benefits of cupping massage but in some cases, we may want to discuss the potential for undesirable results. Please review the document below before booking to ensure that you aren’t in a high risk category.