Professional Makeup Artists, Here for You.

Omega Beauty is dedicated to professional makeup artistry that reflects your personal, natural expression of beauty. We provide permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, and daily makeup services for a holistic beauty regimen that ensures you are always the image of effortless perfection.

Want a flawless, natural look for everyday immaculate beauty? How about high-glam haute-couture for special events, photoshoots, and film sets? Or maybe something personal, defined by your natural beauty and your unique aesthetic preferences? Your personal, professional makeup artist at Omega Beauty will help you realize your vision!

Bridal Makeup

Perfect bridal makeup is a reflection of the inner beauty and love shared between the bride and her betrothed. It’s about capturing the chemistry and the emotion between two people, creating a perfect memory that will last forever in the hearts of the couple and their loved ones. 

Let Omega Beauty help you prepare for your special day. We will work with you to schedule a complete suite of beauty services, beginning long before your big day. We can begin with luxurious skincare and permanent makeup services. Then, when your big day is approaching, we’ll perfect your look with subtle lip blushing and professional makeup styling. We want you to look beautiful, but we also want you to feel beautiful!

Bridal Trial: $75 • 1 Hour

Bridal Makeup: $150 • 1 Hour

Bridesmaid Makeup: $85 • 45 minutes

Flower Girl Makeup (9 and under): $45 • 45 minutes

Lashes are included in all makeup quotes for brides and bridal parties.

In-Studio Makeup

Omega Beauty provides caring and attentive makeup expertise for each and every one of our clients. Whether you want a glamorous look for an event or casual perfection for everyday life, you can come indulge in full-service makeup artistry in a luxurious spa setting at our studio.

Contact us ahead of time to schedule on-site makeup services for special events.

Special Event Makeup: $75 • 1 Hour

One-on-One Makeup Class: $150 • 1 Hour 30 Minutes

BB Glow

Want to wake up every morning with radiant skin and a golden, glowing complexion? BB Glow Skin Infusion and Deep Treatment services are perfect for you! 

Omega Beauty can create a personalized makeup plan, with permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, and daily makeup solutions that will enhance your natural, inner beauty.

BB Glow Facial Treatment: $249 • 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a wonderful way to ensure effortless beauty when you wake up every morning. Let our experienced permanent makeup experts create the perfect look for you. We can incorporate permanent makeup into your overall beauty plan, combined with lips, lashes, and skincare services.

Lash Line Enhancement

Think about this as permanent eyeliner – but subtle enough to look great 24/7. It adds a little something extra without necessarily looking over-the-top. This is a permanent solution and typically doesn’t require any touch up or maintenance!