Tipping your microblading or permanent makeup artist is appreciated but never required or expected. A tip shows your gratitude towards the artist, and they receive 100% of the tip.

Why are brows so expensive? Shouldn’t the tip be included in the price?

There are more things that go into doing spectacular permanent makeup than the average person realizes. Rent, supplies, marketing, then the personal take home. As a permanent makeup artist, there is not paid time off, 401K, benefits, sick pay etc.

Client view:
+ Typical gratuity is 15-20%. A percentage is not required, you can tip any amount that you feel comfortable with.
+ If you had a positive experience, tipping them is the best way to show your appreciation
+ Tipping in cash is always fun $$

Artist view:
+ Tips are what I use to buy supplies.
+ Tips cover the extra time and details I didn’t charge for
+ I always remember when someone leaves a tip. It’s very rewarding to know on top of all else, a client appreciates you so much to leave a little extra.